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Senni Huutera

Senni is the director, business development of Ponsse Group technology company Epec Oy. She has electromobility experience in off-highway industry and automotive & commercial vehicle businesses and she has worked with several OEMs and Tier 1s globally. She has an education of Engineering and Business as a Master of Science.


The most critical technologies in NRMM electrification

Electronics, the main components and the system software play a key role in electrified power trains of heavy machinery. At least as important in modern machines are data flow, remote data analytics, optimizations and updates. An intelligent power distribution unit optimizes and updates the current flow to components that need it at the moment. It also protects the system components in high voltage environment. Integration with the main components in the system, such as hydraulics, thermal management, battery and gearbox must be seamless. As the amount of electronics and software is increasing, the benefits they offer for OEMs and end customers grow significantly as well.