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Wanja S Steinmaier

Wanja is a co-founder and managing partner at Lumod, an agency for strategic design, established in 2006 and based in Munich, Germany. He undertook his diploma thesis in cooperation with Fritzmeier – a well-known company for construction-machinery cabs – and the department of ergonomics at TU Munich. Since then, he has been enthusiastic about the NRMM business and especially cab design. He is a committed member of the VDID Association of German Industrial Designers and has worked in the Ethics AG of the federation to develop the codex for industrial designers.


Build better cabs - how to integrate industrial design in your development process

Industrial design is often misunderstood solely as an add-on for better looks. But properly integrated in your particular product development process, it can help thrive your business in many ways. Finding the right approach for your project is essential to gain the maximum benefit from the investment in design. This presentation will show you not only the boosters professional design will bring to your project, but also different ways of how to match the right design approach to your specific needs for building better cabs.