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Michael Mursch

Michael founded his own Industrial Design company in 1983 together with Peter Knopp during their studies at the Munich University of Applied Siences. Because he studied mechanical engineering first he knows the technical language. From early on their company focused on 'making things better very efficiently'. With this philosophy they could convince big players like Caterpillar, Moog, Siemens, Bauer to create good looking products for them. With this reputation other customers contacted the company and were satisfied with the ease of the structured approach to success.


Where industrial and mechanical design converge

Making something 'nice', 'beautiful' and - at its best – 'cool' is the image of the job description of an industrial designer. Meanwhile, the engineer is trying to make it functional! There is a good potential for a clash of cultures. Michael Mursch will show how to create shapes for technical products in a smooth process, where the result is more than just fullfilling the basic needs. When an emotional bond to the customer can be added - even with a connector, a motor or a vehicle - the benefit will be there. That’s the real task for the industrial designer.