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Markus Wallmyr

Dr Wallmyr has 20 years of industrial experience, covering the full spectrum of product development of software solutions and hardware products. He has a PhD in computer science, with a focus on interaction design in industrial vehicles and an emphasis on mixed-reality interfaces. He is a product manager and UX lead at CrossControl, a company supplying industrial machinery OEMs with products and solutions for user interaction, communication and control.


Exploring multi-application and display approaches

When vehicle control functionality expands with tools and features to improve productivity and safety, the HMI user experience is key to realizing its benefits. Various subsystems may come with different designs and even dedicated HMI devices, something that typically leads to a higher cognitive load on the operator and the risk that perceived features are not leveraged in full. This presentation explores the integration of visual applications of various subsystems in a single multifunctional terminal, and an HMI system concept with multiple terminals where content can be moved dynamically between physical screens to achieve an ideal layout for the current operational mode.