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Johann Mathä

Johann received his diploma degree in electrical and information technology engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany. In 2002 he was appointed as network strategy director for optical network testers at Acterna. In 2005 he joined Yokogawa as marketing manager for test and measurement. In 2019 he became manager of e-mobility at CSM GmbH.


Power and efficiency analysis on heavy-duty electric powertrains

Heavy-duty vehicles and trucks often utilize multiple electric motors. This architecture makes power and efficiency tests particularly challenging. It also has an impact on measurement technology, which becomes particularly clear when analyzing the electrical power in performant heavy-duty powertrains. The electrical power measurement is the starting point for all further analyses; for example, the recording of efficiency or the energy consumption measurements during test cycles. Power measurements must be carried out with a high-voltage-safe e-mobility measurement system and a high sampling rate; electrical power values must be calculated in real time.