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Ben Martins

Ben has been working with Pico Technology for five years, during which time he became EV qualified through ZF. Previously, he worked as a master technician for Toyota but found himself going back to humble beginnings when, in an independent workshop, he carried out work on numerous types of systems, including but not limited to outboard marine engines, combine harvesters, HGVs and construction equipment. At Pico, using his wealth of experience, Ben has been exploring the impact of electrification and the benefits of full-system diagnostics for heavy-duty vehicles covering engine analysis, noise and vibration and hydraulic systems.


Maintaining quality performance during the transition to electrification

As the world looks to reduce carbon emissions, it is imperative that equipment in the off-highway sector can continue to operate at peak performance levels under demanding conditions. Inevitably, various forms of electrification are required to meet emission regulations, but alternatives including biofuels, gas engines and hybrids will all play a vital role during this transition period. The efficiency of connections and power transfer to accessories also have a significant impact on emissions and operator throughput. This presentation explores the challenges and solutions for technicians and field engineers in the maintenance and diagnosis of rapidly changing powertrain and associated systems.