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Ari Tervonen

Ari has been working in the display industry for over 25 years and has great expertise in different display technologies. In his career, he has played various roles, ranging from quality manager and head of sales to product manager and business line manager. Having worked closely with vehicle OEM customers, he understands their needs and uses his knowledge to help them solve their challenges in the vehicle industry.


Pros and cons of different head-up display technologies for industrial vehicles

Head-up displays show critical information in front of the drivers/operators and allow them to focus on the road and operation. There are different display technologies for head-up displays, such as projected HUD, TOLED, miniLED and electroluminescent displays. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. This presentation will compare four head-up display solutions in the following areas: construction, display installation and integration, lamination readiness, focal point, transmission, operating temperature, resistance to shock and vibration, resistance to humidity and solar load, optical uniformity, maturity, color, product lifetime and production life.