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Tatiana Minav

Tatiana is a member of IEEE and ASME. She is an assistant professor in IHA – innovative hydraulics and automation – at Tampere University. She has over 14 years of experience working on improving the efficiency of non-road mobile working machines. She has authored over 110 scientific publications. Her current interests include zonal hydraulics, sensorless position control with direct electric drive in hydraulic systems, failure and predictive maintenance systems, thermal hydraulics simulation, energy balance and energy recovery systems in non-road mobile working machines.


Utopia or reality: affordable and energy-efficient off-road machinery

To overcome the challenges of tight emissions regulation, extensive work is underway to improve off-road machinery. Most of the work concentrates on electrification, as conventional working hydraulic systems suffer from high metering losses that lead to overall system efficiency about of 21%. Utilizing a more-electric architecture brings high energy savings and works with a power-on-demand approach. However, this comes with high investments costs. Is it possible with current technologies and what would be an acceptable payback time? Affordable and energy-efficient off-road machinery: is it utopia or reality? Results of the implementation of completed and ongoing projects will be demonstrated.