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Samuel Wood

Sam manages a diverse portfolio of industrial automation customers and is responsible for developing Navtech’s radar localization product into a market-ready solution. With a passion for engineering, he completed a master’s at Imperial College London, specializing in aeroelastic simulation, before joining the Halma Future Leaders Scheme – a fast-track development program for high-potential engineering graduates – in 2019. For his first placement, he spent a year as a business analyst within the industrial automation team at Navtech, then joined the company in 2021 in his current role.


Pilot purgatory? How reliable sensing unlocks autonomous operations

For autonomous systems to provide widespread benefits across industrial sectors, sensors need to be able to run any time of day, in any weather, and perform safely for many years without needing cleaning or maintenance. Navtech Radar offers outdoor robotics a capability that has not been possible through traditional sensors. With high resolution, the company’s imaging radars have been proved to work in the harshest conditions in autonomy stretching over 20 years. This presentation explores how reliable sensing allows OEMs to provide the final 10% of availability, enabling their customers to benefit from the true advantages of autonomous operation.