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Modular power boxes
Würth Elektronik ICS GmbH & Co KG - Stand 3020

To provide a solution to the additional load on electrical systems caused by the increasing number of functions in mobile machines and commercial vehicles, Würth Elektronik ICS has developed a range of power boxes. The REDline Power Boxes combine customer-specific circuit boards with standard housings to cater for a wide range of applications.

New in this range are the Twin and Mini models. The former offers a large, customisable circuit board surface of 160 x 150mm, accommodating significantly more components. The box is highly suitable for use as a main power distributor for the vehicle’s electrical systems. The combination of a large circuit board, a flexible connector system consisting of two LeavySeal connectors (freely configurable between 31-pin and 39-pin variants), as well as up to four power inputs or outputs, means the Twin offers wide-ranging possibilities for individual adjustments.

The REDline Power Box Mini contains a 68 x 90mm circuit board, up to two power elements, and a 21-pin LeavySeal connector (available in four codings). As with all REDline Power Boxes, the circuit board inside is customisable to individual customer requirements. The two power connections allow the connection of a Midi fuse to the outside of the box. Thanks to its smaller size and robustness, the Mini can be installed almost anywhere in the vehicle, offering customers the opportunity to integrate optional vehicle functions and to easily configure the power distribution

Stand: 3020

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