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Comprehensive ECU testing environment
b-plus GmbH - Stand 5090

To help development teams cope with the huge volume and variety of data being recorded during testing, especially of automated vehicles, b-plus has developed the Validation Toolchain, a complete system for the recording, analysis and processing of the many sensor inputs (such as cameras and radar) involved in automated vehicles. The system includes recorders, measurement technology adapters and the powerful new visualization framework AVETO.vis for the entire validation process.

The system features a visual interface that is completely configurable to suit the application, thanks to an SDK interface that allows developers to adapt their user interface with extensions such as for HiL or cameras. For development staff with limited or no programming knowledge, such as test drivers, there is a graphical ‘configuration manager’, which simplifies the measurement setup. Built in as standard are a number of visualization objects and measurement objects to make it easy to get started. These can also be run using a script to allow for overnight test runs.

Stand: 5090

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