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An innovative approach for high-quality thermal management system solutions for electrified off-highway vehicles
Ymer Technology

Optimized thermal management systems make a major contribution to the comfortable, sustainable, efficient and economical operation of a growing number of hybrid or fully electric off-highway machines. Thermal management is defined as the control of thermal flux within the vehicle with the important task of keeping all components in their optimal temperature range at all times.

Proper thermal management of an electric vehicle is much more complex than that of a conventional vehicle with a combustion engine. In electrified off-highway vehicles, the electric motor and power electronics must always be cooled, while the battery – depending on the outside temperature and load – must either be cooled or heated. For heating the cabin, which formerly used the waste heat of the combustion engine, electrical energy must be consumed from the battery.

This is where the Ymer thermal management system (TMS) comes in: to distribute the heat in the vehicle and provide the right temperatures, it is crucial that the cooling, heating and refrigeration circuits interact optimally to respond to different heating or cooling requirements and use existing thermal energy as efficiently as possible.

Intelligent cooling and thermal management are becoming increasingly important to guarantee short charging cycles, low operating costs, increased ranges, a long service life and perfect climate comfort for the driver's cab. The Ymer TMS offers a unique, innovative system solution. The TMS, which is suitable for various vehicle architectures, can be implemented according to an economic modular principle through the optimal interaction of air conditioning compressor, sensors, valves, heat exchanger and electric pumps.

To optimize development times and development costs and to ensure a constant high quality of the components Ymer has newly implemented standardized modules for the following functional groups:

• Heating module (comprising HV heater, coolant pump, 3/2-way valve)
• Cooling module (comprising compressor, receiver drier, plate heat exchanger)
• Standard cooler (matrix portfolio with standard setup – adjustable in dimensions)
• Standard electronics (standard ECU with wiring, harness and connections

Ymer’s customers benefit from its many years of system expertise in thermal management and its technological know-how. The use of these standardized, tested modules and components leads to highly flexible customer solutions, always taking individual vehicle requirements, dynamic usage profiles and climatic conditions into account.

The compact design of the TMS functional groups and the standardized and field-proven control logic allow an easy integration into existing or new systems. In addition, Ymer uses a comprehensive system simulation to model electrical and thermal aspects in advance. This allows the improvement of complex systems and leads to well-designed solutions with optimized development efforts, covering the whole design cycle from the predesign stage to final validation.

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