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Precision measurement systems to optimize electric drives

Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships and two-wheelers are experiencing a change. Drives are moving toward electric power, incorporating a traction battery, an inverter and a drive unit. The inverter converts the voltage and current from direct to alternating current. There is potential for efficiency improvement here, which can be uncovered with the KLARI-1000 high-voltage measuring module.

The direct current and alternating current interface of the inverter is equipped with HV-safe measuring adapters, which are connected to the KLARI-1000. The measuring module has a maximum sampling rate of 1MHz per physical input and can calculate values such as work, power, active power, apparent power, the power factor and frequency and output them via CANbus or Ethernet. The physical variables provided are then used for exact consumption measurement and precise measurement of the efficiency of the inverter.

Charging safety
Technological progress in the charging speed of electrically powered vehicles is accompanied by an increase in charging current. This increases the risk of overheating. The Klaric Charge-Monitor is used to measure performance parameters during the charging process. The measuring system is used in research and development as well as for certification measurements, measuring exactly how high the power consumption of the traction battery is or how efficiently the charging station works. To identify overheating at the interfaces of the charging system, Klaric has developed a functional extension that interrupts the charging process as soon as a defined temperature in the Charge-Monitor inlet or at the connector in the vehicle is exceeded. This safety-relevant function extension prevents possible damage to the charging infrastructure or the vehicle.

Modular measurement of electrical systems
The electrification of industrial technology is progressing quickly. However, some things remain the same. Instruments, sensors and infotainment systems are still supplied with 12V, 24V and 48V onboard voltage. The electrical energy required is provided by the combustion engine or the high-voltage vehicle electrical system. The power consumption of the electrical system is therefore responsible for the efficiency of the entire vehicle. The small, modular, precise Multi-8 measurement module presents an efficient solution for measuring these values. The device can measure quiescent, operating and peak currents in one unit and measure the consumption of single electrical circuits via fuse box or directly on the battery with a shunt-based system.

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