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Hydrogen-certified pressure and temperature sensors
Variohm Group

Variohm Group offers a variety of products to withstand harsh environments in special-purpose vehicles. To pave the way to a more climate-friendly industry, Variohm has developed hydrogen-certified pressure and temperature sensors that come as standard with EMI/RFI protection; the temperature sensors can withstand up to 160 bar.

The company’s ILT inductive transducer uses a non-contact measurement method to eliminate mechanical wear and tear that might affect the accuracy of the measurements.

Variohm’s waterproof switches have connections that are sealed with thermoplastic rubber to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The switches have a service life of up to five million cycles and are designed for tough military, marine and industrial applications.

Finally, Variohm’s Blink keypads use a series of buttons to enter data or commands into a system. What sets them apart from traditional keypads is that they give visual feedback through built-in LED lights and are very robust for applications in harsh environments.

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