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Predictive maintenance technology for hydraulic cylinders
Hydroline Oy - Stand 3080

Hydroline will be presenting a smart solution for data acquisition and analysis for hydraulic cylinders. Via sensors in the cylinder, the company’s LEO (Lifecycle Efficiency Online) system measures and analyses the data gathered from the cylinders. This way, it can automatically report on issues such as the incorrect usage of the cylinder, return information about the fatigue of the cylinder and calculate the remaining lifetime of the cylinder.

The company says LEO is a one-of-a-kind solution that brings added value for machine users and enables maintenance to be planned even more carefully and in advance. When designing a new cylinder, Hydroline is able to calculate the theoretical lifetime of a cylinder, which LEO then works off of to provide the user with information about potential breakdowns.

LEO can be connected to a machine’s control system, where the data is presented in a human-readable form in real time. Alternatively, it can be connected to one or more cylinders and tailored to specific customer needs. This unique solution makes it easier for users to keep the cylinders running and avoid unexpected failures.

Stand: 3080

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