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New controls for demanding applications
Otto - Stand 5010

The new G3-C Universal Contour Grip is the latest addition to Otto’s G3 family of ergonomically designed universal grips. The G3 series grips can be easily and quickly customized, both for top-of-the line machines that require high switch counts, or to provide basic control functions on lower tier models. Available as a center, left-handed, or right-handed grip, the G3-C offers 15 standard faceplate configurations and a variety of custom mounting and termination options. The grip was developed for use with Otto’s standard push buttons, rockers, toggles and Hall-effect switches, and can be easily mounted on a JH or JHM series Hall-effect joystick.

The P6-4 series switches are commercial grade limit switches that are watertight and sealed to IP68S and IP69K. Using a stainless steel housing, they stand up to extreme temperatures and harsh environments. These switches are available with either ball- or rollerplunger actuation. In addition, they can be configured as single-pole or double-pole; and both as single-throw or doublethrow. The P6-4 switches offer three connection methods: solder terminal, screw terminal, or flying wire leads.

Stand: 5010

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