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Real-time simulation
Opal-RT Technologies Europe - Stand IVT5

Opal-RT will be showcasing the latest in real-time simulation technology for testing and validating electric motor drives. The testing of motor drives for industrial vehicles poses unique challenges given their power levels and sizes. Detecting errors in the associated control software and at the power electronic system level early in the development process is crucial to ensure that these drives are integrated into the vehicle, on budget and on time. HiL testing provides an efficient means of doing so.

Opal-RT will present advances in combined FPGA/CPU model implementation using the market-leading eHS solver, which allows high-fidelity simulation of the switching dynamics of converters coupled with detailed models of a range of motors capturing spatial harmonics and other non-linear effects. eHS enables models to be run at time-steps below 500ns in real time and can directly import power electronic schematics built in SimPowerSystems, PLECS and MultiSim in addition to a new schematic editor developed by Opal-RT. The company also has a close collaboration with National Instruments, bringing the power of eHS to NI’s widely used hardware platforms.

The Opal-RT simulation platform can be extended to conduct power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) simulation, where real power is exchanged between the device under test (inverter or motor), using high-bandwidth power amplifiers to ensure low latencies in the closed simulation loop.

Stand: IVT5

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