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DAY 1: Discover the ultimate thermal management solutions for your ICE and electric vehicles

Proper thermal management of an electric vehicle is much more complex than that of a conventional vehicle with a combustion engine. In electrified off-highway vehicles, the electric motor and power electronics must always be cooled, while the battery – depending on the outside temperature and load – must either be cooled or heated. For heating the cabin, which formerly used the waste heat of the combustion engine, electrical energy must be consumed from the battery.

This is where Ymer’s thermal management system (TMS) comes in, on display at iVT Expo. As Josef Graubmann, director of thermal management systems at Ymer explained, in order to distribute the heat in the vehicle and provide the right temperatures, it is crucial that the cooling, heating and refrigeration circuits interact optimally to respond to different heating or cooling requirements and use existing thermal energy as efficiently as possible.

“We have been active in the world of electrification for over five years now and we have seen a rapid growth in the market,” said Graubmann. “Five years ago, it was only really about exotic applications, but now it is spreading into more and more construction equipment. We are developing thermal management systems for those machines, to take care of battery and driveline heating and cooling in an intelligent way, reusing the waste heat, while also integrating cab heating and cooling. They are also modular solutions, based on a plug-and-play concept, which means we have standardized components, but the system is very adaptable to each and every application.”

To this end, Ymer has a variety of newly developed, standardized modules including heating and cooling modules, a standard cooler module and a standard ECU module.

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