Some of the New Products on Show

DAY 1: Try out the rugged, flexible, modular, CAN-based HMI and controllers ideal for your next vehicle project

Controls specialist EAO has enhanced its robust, modular and reliable Series 09 CAN modules with innovative product variants that offer IP67 front protection and white symbol illumination, all of which are on display at iVT Expo.

The Series 09 Keypads and Rotary Cursor Controllers are available in a range of variants. They all have the flexibility of interchangeable legends but come with a choice of halo illumination features, communication protocols and connector types.

As Matthias Mayr, business development manager at EAO, noted, the halo illumination results in a very simple and easy to read HMI that can guide operators through processes. For example, when moving through a sequence of commands, each button can illuminate green to indicate it needs to be pressed, then change color once that step is complete. A switch to amber or red illumination can indicate service issues or a fault. With a CAN connection, the function of each button is entirely customizable and this, combined with the use of removable icons, means that the same unit can be easily customized to a variety of applications.

Robust construction is a key feature of the Rugged CAN Keypads, which are designed for out-of-cab use. The actuators and indicators are protected up to IP67 and work reliably at operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. The low back panel depth and robust clip-in or screw-in mounting allow easy, flexible installation, either vertically or horizontally.

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