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DAY 1: Find the ideal battery combination for your industrial vehicle applications

Finnish technology company Proventia has its latest battery technology for industrial vehicle applications on display. The ePRO500+ is based on the same modular construction as the company’s smaller battery product, the ePRO48. ePRO500+ offers flexible tailoring of capacity and voltage to meet the strictest demands of hybrid and fully electric off-road machinery. The Proventia battery platform is based on lithium titanate oxide (LTO) technology, which has proved to be the optimal solution for power-intensive applications. LTO battery technology’s benefits in off-road usage range from a wide temperature window (from -30°C to +60°C) to a long lifetime and a high level of safety. LTO batteries have high discharge rates as well.

“The lithium titanate chemistry is designed to last for the lifetime of a machine,” explained Pekka Ranta, development engineer at Proventia. “Manufacturers are looking for a balance between power and capacity for each application. You have to be very precise when selecting the right battery for your applications. The lithium titanate batteries are ideal for industrial applications, especially where you have things like peak shaving, either in hybrid- or grid-powered vehicles.”

The Proventia ePRO500+ features robust mechanical construction that, combined with the most durable packaging, means it lasts in rough conditions where these machines are often used. The platform enables the implementation of power- and energy-specific variants with nominal voltage from 48V up to 800V. In hybrid applications, it can be used to cover peak power demands, meaning the combustion engine can be run at optimal efficiency, leading to lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. In full electric applications, ePRO500+ enables zero-emission operation.

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