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DAY 1: Capabilities on show: The cutting edge lidar systems for industrial applications

Lidar specialist Ouster is displaying its OS series of sensors, which it says are unique in their ability to offer over 75 SKUs with just three sensors – the OS0, OS1 and OS2 – all built on a single digital architecture.
Digital lidar greatly improves upon analog lidar in size, weight, form factor, power efficiency and weather resistance. Ouster’s OS sensors offer up to 128 channels of resolution for short-, mid- and long-range along with ultra-wide vertical field-of-view and shorter minimum range configurations to support a wide variety of industrial applications.

Eric Gurny, technical sales director, EMEA, explained that the company’s lidar are being adopted across a range of equipment, from earthmovers to cranes. “It is a mixture of automation and safety,” he noted. “Some people want to automate processes, such as handling containers. Others are looking for safety applications, but often, it is both on the same machines.”

Ouster’s newest OS hardware release, Rev 06, is powered by its new L2X chip and equipped with the latest firmware, which offers full dual return capabilities and doubles the signal processing power of all its OS sensors for superior 3D perception through fog, rain, dust and snow. Richer point cloud data coupled with IP68/69K ruggedness and automotive-grade shock and vibe specifications enable Ouster’s sensors to deliver high-performance 3D perception in all weather and terrain conditions, making them the most rugged and reliable it has ever designed. Furthermore, its sensors now come as standard with both 12V and 24V power compatibility, ensuring seamless retrofit of sensors into existing industrial equipment for improved safety and task automation.

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