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Pietro Genesin MTA SpA

Pietro Genesin

Pietro Genesin is a highly skilled professional with significant and proven work experience in the field of electronic components for automotive applications, in particular in design and project management supported by FMEA and ASPICE process. He earned his degree in electronic engineering from Politecnico di Torino. After various work roles as a technical manager in important companies in the automotive sector, Genesin has been bringing valuable expertise to the electronic business unit at MTA since 2010.


An electronic control unit for a multidisplay system with connectivity features

The Agri SIC system is a cutting-edge solution designed for off-highway vehicle applications. At the heart of Agri SIC lies an intelligent central unit that revolutionizes information management and control, enhancing reliability and cost efficiency for OEMs. Agri SIC boasts unparalleled performance, allowing for the integration of compact and small displays without compromising functionality. These displays offer exceptional quality and reliability, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest environmental conditions. With specialized agriculture functionalities seamlessly integrated, Agri SIC empowers vehicles to manage complex services and functions simultaneously. Leveraging the latest connectivity leading-edge technologies, the system guarantees unmatched efficiency, reliability and durability while delivering top-tier reception. The presentation explores the transformative capabilities of Agri SIC, driving innovation and setting new standards in off-highway vehicle applications.