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Theo Dondel EFA France

Theo Dondel

Starting as an electrical engineering engineer, Theo Dondel went on to complete a specialized master's in project management. He worked as the electrical design office manager at Socofer, subsequently becoming head of PMO at Socofer. Dondel moved to EFA in 2018 as head of drivelines and vehicle projects and is currently controls BU manager at EFA.


Introducing advancements in autonomy, automation and remote control technologies and their impacts on new off-road machine developments and usage

The presentation will focus on autonomy, automation and remote control technologies, explaining the basics, evolutions, state of development, key features and benefits. It will explore the role of autonomy – how autonomy is transforming off-road machinery, increasing operational efficiency, productivity and safety; automation's influence – from components to optimized system, how automation enhances precision, reliability and operational flexibility; the advancements of remote controls and their benefits in hazardous or inaccessible environments, enabling comfort, safety and efficiency; EFA case studies and success stories; future trends and opportunities – emerging trends, future developments and potential off-road applications; and the challenges of bringing advanced technologies to the market – integrating new technologies into off-road machines.