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Matrishvan Raval Turntide Technologies

Matrishvan Raval

Matrishvan Raval is heading product strategy and product management initiatives at Turntide for all vehicle electrification products. Raval has extensive experience developing and commercializing electrification and control systems products across the automotive, motorsport and aerospace sectors. He previously led engineering teams at McLaren Applied for automotive and motorsport control systems and worked on sensor and software technologies at Meggitt. At GE Aviation and Rolls Royce, he played a significant role in power systems for the Boeing 777X and engine control software for Airbus models. Raval received his bachelor’s in engineering in communications and electronic engineering followed by a master's in safety-critical embedded systems from the University of Leicester and is an alumnus of the general management program from Harvard Business School. 


Scaling axial flux motor technology – from niche to mainstream

Axial flux motor topology offers a compelling advantage in terms of its compact form factor and high torque and power density. Existing offerings of this technology remain restricted to niche applications but it holds tremendous potential if design innovations to make it a volume-friendly solution are implemented. The presentation will explore the market and technology landscape of axial flux motors and how design and production innovations can enable their application in high-volume mainstream applications.