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Leandro Zaza TTControl Srl

Leandro Zaza

Leandro Zaza is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in technical sales, project management and product management. Currently serving as the senior technical sales manager and Autonomous Operation Cluster (AOC) manager at TTControl in Bressanone, Italy, he brings over three years of experience in this role. With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Zaza is recognized for his strategic approach and dedication to delivering exceptional results.


The future of autonomous operation: developing software-defined machines in a collaborative way

The Autonomous Operation Cluster (AOC), a cross-market initiative bundling industry-leading OEMs and technology providers, was founded in 2022 and introduced as a solution to overcome the limits of the off-highway application in comparison with the on-road ones. This initiative was a reaction to the trend of highly automated and autonomous machines requiring an increase in task execution efficiency and quality while minimizing costs. In the meantime, the role of software in mobile machinery architecture has been gaining even more significant importance. It is now time to talk about software-defined machinery, where incremental software functions are deployed in the vehicle even during the entire vehicle lifecycle. The presentation will explore how the Autonomous Operation Cluster answers the need of a flexible, modular and scalable software solution for long-lasting deployment in the field based on use cases.