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Alastair Hayfield Interact Analysis

Alastair Hayfield

Hayfield has close to 20 years of experience leading research and consulting activities in both industrial and technology markets. At Interact Analysis he is responsible for the entire commercial vehicle research portfolio which covers both on- and off-highway vehicles. Topics include vehicle powertrain, component pricing and architecture, hydraulics and hydrogen. With a first-class approach to forecasting that melds primary input from vendors, industry statistics and indicators and a proprietary TCO model, Interact Analysis has rapidly become the first choice for market intelligence for many suppliers and OEMs in the commercial vehicle market. Hayfield is a regular presenter at industry conferences and guest on podcasts and is often referenced in both the trade and international press for his views on the commercial vehicle market. With a broad interest in technology and story telling, Alastair is a compelling presenter and adds value to any speaking event with his knowledge of both the industry and wider technology and macroeconomic trends. Hayfield has actively worked on several of Interact Analysis’ custom and consulting projects. Examples include a bespoke analysis of hydraulic replacement technologies and an assessment of the potential for battery leasing in off-highway applications. With a focus on client engagement and thorough research, you can be sure that your next project will be a success. Hayfield holds an MSc in physics and astronomy from the University of Durham.


Electric off-highway machines are feasible, but how can we make them desirable?

Electric off-highway machines are feasible, but how can we make them more desirable and speed up adoption? In his presentation, Alastair Hayfield will outline innovations and technologies that will help boost the adoption of electric machines across a variety of sectors and applications. He will take the audience through examples from within and outside of the off-highway market and show how simple ideas can revolutionize the market appeal and acceptance of electric machines.