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Opher  Doron EVR Motors

Opher Doron

Doron has been CEO of EVR since November 2019. He was previously VP and general manager of the space division at Israel Aerospace Industries. In this capacity, he led the development, construction, launch and operation of observation and communication satellites for Israeli and foreign users. Doron led IAI’s team in the design and build of SpaceIl’s Beresheet lunar lander and during Israel’s breakthrough mission to the moon. Doron served in the Israeli navy until 2002, in a variety of operational and staff positions. He holds the rank of rear admiral.


How can TS-RFPM technology help OEMs adopt e-solutions more effectively?

TS-RFPM (Trapezoidal Stator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet) motor technology offers several advantages for OEMs looking to embrace e-solutions for industrial electric vehicles. The first is size and weight reduction – it enables the use of smaller and lighter motors than traditional motors, leading to overall vehicle weight reduction which is crucial for industrial vehicles aiming to maximize payload capacity and efficiency. It also offers flexibility in motor design – the ability to provide different voltage, power and speed options within the same motor design offers flexibility for OEMs in choosing the right motor for their vehicle platforms.