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Cody Albertus Horton

Cody Albertus

Cody is the senior director of electrification for Horton and has been responsible for developing the strategic plan and product line strategy, and overseeing the execution of the business unit, since 2023. Cody has been with the company for seven years, holding positions in OE sales, AFM sales and product management. A degree in electrical engineering and 15 years of experience in the power generation and automation industry put him in a good position to lead Horton through the transition from RICE engines to ZEVs.


E-fan design considerations for ZEV

Designing electric fans for ZEVs requires careful consideration of voltage selection, noise reduction techniques, configuration trade-offs and specific factors unique to zero-emission vehicles. By addressing these considerations, manufacturers can develop efficient and reliable e-fan solutions that contribute to the performance and sustainability of ZEVs.