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Matthias Kellersohn Henkelhausen

Matthias Kellersohn

Matthias completed his dual studies in mechanical engineering within the Daimler group and at the Mannheim University of Cooperative Education. Having been focused on production technology at the OEM he changed to the development unit of the automotive supplier Kiekert AG in 2009. After he graduated from an MBA program, he took over leading positions in project management and within the company’s executive committee. At Kiekert, Matthias gained expertise in projecting and developing mechatronic systems including software. In 2021, Matthias became managing director of Henkelhausen GmbH & Co. KG, a family-owned business that offers drivetrain systems and full-service solutions for off-highway and industrial use.


Electrification without redesign: going the hybrid way

Aradex and Henkelhausen's joint presentation explains the benefits of utilizing standard components and pre-validated software modules to electrify off-highway machines by creating a hybrid powertrain that combines electrification and combustion engine technologies. The recently completed pilot project demonstrated that combining the expertise and existing products of two companies can significantly reduce the development effort and lead times per use case.