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Armin Schmiegel Refu Drive

Armin Schmiegel

Dr Armin U Schmiegel has more than 20 years of experience in industrial research and development and over 100 patents in the fields of signal processing, power electronics, system technology and energy management. He has headed the R&D department at Refu since 2015. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a bachelor's degree in business administration. He is the author or co-author of publications in the fields of energy management, grid integration and storage systems. He lectures at the University of Applied Sciences and is the author of several books on energy storage systems.


Small auxiliary inverters make a difference: dual inverter for efficiency

In this presentation we focus on applications of small auxiliary converters. We examine how these devices contribute to sustainability, while looking ahead to future developments. One application is the recuperation axle, where our dual inverter technology efficiently captures energy during braking to charge a battery and reduce the CO2 footprint of cooling trucks. We show how the dual inverter can be used as an active front-end and DC-DC converter. This technology can power auxiliary systems such as air-conditioning and hydraulic pumps in various applications. Through examples, we provide insights into a more efficient and sustainable future for industrial vehicles.