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Marco Righi Flash Battery

Marco Righi

Marco graduated in electronics and has a degree in economics. In 2009 he approached the market of the first lithium batteries coming from China. He saw their potential as well as the serious technical problems of poor reliability and safety. He involved his friend and electronics engineer Alan Pastorelli in the design of a revolutionary BMS and remote control system capable of making lithium batteries high-performing, safe and reliable over time. These systems allowed them to enter the industrial market and found Flash Battery in 2012. Today it is a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for industrial machines.


The role of artificial intelligence in smarter lithium batteries

Fault prevention and real-time knowledge of batteries’ state of health is possible with Flash Data Center: the intelligent automatic remote control system by Flash Battery which, through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, constantly learns, stores and processes the operating data of each battery system installed (200 million logs), allowing real optimization of machine use. The software, integrated in a virtual environment with containerized architecture, recreates a digital twin of each battery, analyzes its SOH 24/7 and enables OEMs to perform self-diagnostics, predictive maintenance and advanced big data analysis of their battery systems. This improves machine performance and boosts productivity.