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Reiner Zitzmann CAN in Automation

Reiner Zitzmann

Reiner Zitzmann, born in 1976, started his career with a degree as an Engineer for Electrical Engineering from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen, Germany. Since July 2004 he has been working for CAN in Automation international users’ and manufacturers’ group as a technical manager. Since 2017 he has been General Manager of the CAN in Automation GmbH, which is the commercial arm of the CAN in Automation Association. He and his team provide CiA services, such as maintaining and developing CiA specifications, providing CAN-related consultancy services and CANopen testing services, or promoting CAN at conferences and trade shows.


Future of CAN-based embedded networks

The controller area network (CAN) is widely used in commercial vehicles. For example, it serves as an embedded in-vehicle network for diesel engine control. In body applications such as concrete pumps, excavators and cranes, it allows the safe and secure operation of the vehicle’s key application. But the requirements for embedded networking are increasing. For example, it needs to provide higher data throughput to allow autonomous operation, or sophisticated communication methods to fulfill the increased safety and security requirements. The presentation provides an overview of current developments in CAN, covering CAN XL, the CAN physical layer scalability, CANsec and CAN safety protocols.