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Nikolaus Keuth AVL List

Nikolaus Keuth

After studying mechanical engineering with a focus on automotive engineering as well as automation and control theory at the Technical University in Vienna, Dr Nikolaus Keuth did his PhD in automation and control with a focus on data-driven modeling in 2004, at the Technical University in Vienna. Since 2005, he has been working at AVL List in different roles including project manager, product manager and department manager for data analysis and modeling products. Currently, he is product manager for data analytics products in the area of battery cell development in the automotive market.


Effective data-driven solutions for industrial vehicle operation and development

In our presentation, we will demonstrate how data-driven methods and software solutions can help OEMs respond to customer requirements and challenges in the field, and secure their functions. We will also show how these solutions can help fleet operators reduce maintenance costs. Our solutions include monitoring fleets, enabling predictive maintenance, creating use profiles and using these profiles in development for functional validation. We will present all of this through successful customer projects. We will show how data-driven methodologies can be applied over the whole development process from concept to production to save costs and improve quality and sustainability.