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Mohideen Farouk L&T Technology Services

Mohideen Farouk

Mohideen has a background in electrical engineering, a master's in control systems from Sweden, and an MBA from Hamburg. He has a rich history of contributing to the industry. Prior to his current role, he worked as the senior sales development manager for autonomous vehicles at Danfoss Power Solutions in Germany. Mohideen brings a unique blend of technical acumen and business strategy to the forefront, making his insights invaluable.


SDV and generative AI as game-changers in new-generation off-highway vehicles

Generative AI is transforming the software development and testing landscape by automating and streamlining the creation and execution of code and test cases. Gen AI can boost off-highway product development teams, which are moving toward unmanned vehicles, by automating design, development and testing phases in the virtual realm. This will enable them to cope with the ever-closing gap between two vertices of the V cycle due to agile processes and the very nature of the development of software-defined vehicles (SDVs). So, looking from the context of SDVs, which these days are reverberating among vehicle software experts, Gen AI can be a game-changer.