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Christian Wadell Tyri Lights

Christian Wadell

Christian Wadell is Global R&D Director at TYRI Lights. With over 25 years within high-tech industries, Christian has a deep knowledge of trends, design, and construction.


Valtra 'The Boss' – case study (work lighting)

Part 1 – Design: brand identifier and unique functions: When Valtra developed its new tractor – The Boss – it collaborated with Tyri Lights’ R&D/design department to create a top-of-the-line lighting solution. Step behind the scenes and see the process that achieved this result: lighting solutions that have never been seen. Part 2 - INTELLilight: Valtra’s Unlimited version also offers Tyri INTELLilight for the most flexible lighting solution on the market. These adaptable lights, controlled via an app or CANbus are connected via a Bluetooth mesh. This can change the color temperature, dim the lights, group and regroup without any extra cables needed.