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Vittorio Foppiani Eping

Vittorio Foppiani

Vittorio graduated in transportation design at IED University of Turin in 2019 and has worked since then in mechanics and styling. Starting as a teacher of technical subjects in high school, he joined Eping in the same year as a designer. Working side by side with mechanical engineers has increased Vittorio's knowledge in the field of pure mechanics and he is currently project manager of several projects that include in-depth mechanical knowledge, where he manages to superbly combine his knowledge of style to create products optimized and pleasing to the eye.


The transformative impact of styling on electrical vehicles, beyond aesthetics

Explore the transformative impact of styling on electrical vehicles (EVs), beyond aesthetics. This presentation delves into styling's pivotal role in shaping EV engineering and design, emphasizing its influence on market presence, brand identity and consumer connection. Investigate the synergy between form and function, as aesthetics contribute to user experience and product usability. Case studies illustrate how strategic styling choices lead to environmentally sustainable solutions, optimizing EV performance. Uncover economic implications, as styling decisions affect manufacturing costs, market competitiveness and overall EV success. Discover the dynamic interplay between engineering precision and aesthetic finesse, unlocking styling's full potential in the EV realm.