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Sven Hegner Toshiba Electronics Europe

Sven Hegner

Sven is a senior sales manager for Toshiba rechargeable lithium-ion battery SCiB products. He is responsible for supporting customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH region) and Benelux. Sven has been with Toshiba for 24 years and has worked in various roles including development, marketing and sales. His passion is to help customers in creative ways to find the optimal solution using Toshiba’s products to address their project requirements. Thanks to Sven’s broad experience from different roles, he can examine challenges from multiple viewpoints to come up with ingenious proposals.


Minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) by using lithium titanium oxide (LTO) batteries

Toshiba’s vision is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by supporting the global trend of decarbonization via electrification. One key solution to do this is the Toshiba rechargeable lithium-ion battery SCiB with a lithium titanium oxide (LTO) anode. One of the six key advantages over conventional carbon-based batteries is the extreme cycle lifetime. Depending on the load profile, the lifetime of SCiB can be 15 times longer. This reduces waste caused by multiple battery replacements during the lifetime of the end product and minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO), which is one of the key metrics for industrial heavy-duty applications.