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Tatu Hautala Gofore Germany

Tatu Hautala

Tatu is the Managing Director of Gofore Germany, where he supports ambitious businesses in implementing intelligent solutions for their products and machinery. With a Master of Science in Embedded Systems as well as a hands-on background in Software Development he has been pioneering the use of virtual test environments in digital R&D. Tatu is also driven by his passion for harnessing data to enhance the daily experiences of end-users. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys outdoor activities, particularly spending quality time in the mountains, providing a refreshing break from the digital world.


Futureproof your product R&D with the digitalized product lifecycle

User expectations, business goals and future technology drive companies to implement increasingly complex machines. The traditional product development process and lifecycle management no longer serve the business. As the complexity of products increases, the process becomes expensive and slow. The digitalized and virtualized product development process enables faster and better-quality lifecycle management for the entire product. Learn more about the most important tools – such as digital concepts, model-based design, machine simulators and digital twins – that significantly boost the efficiency and quality of digital product R&D.