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Carlos Mendes Durakool

Carlos Mendes

Meet Carlos Mendes, product manager for Durakool relays & contactors, working closely with engineers and buyers to "bridge the gap between application and specification". Truly understanding customers' needs and challenges, this Durakool approach encourages exploration to customize products and deliver tailor-made solutions for the optimal switching solution that provides market-leading performance within our customers' own products. With a genuine commitment to customer success, Carlos thrives on building strong partnerships and leveraging different switching technologies to solve complex challenges. His expertise spans various industries, allowing him to identify emerging trends and apply innovative techniques.


Designing the optimal switch for your HV battery

This presentation introduces the pivotal role of relays and contactors in electric IVT. It explains the challenges posed by increasing battery voltages and currents and the need for ruggedness and reliability in such vehicles. It also discusses the design features and innovative solutions to address those challenges to meet customer demands for reliable higher-voltage and higher-current switching, in smaller and lighter packaging.