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Stefan Larndorfer Sequality Software Engineering

Stefan Larndorfer

Stefan Larndorfer is the CEO of Sequality Software Engineering and manages various embedded software projects in the areas of automotive, industry automation and medical engineering. Together with his team at Sequality, he develops innovative software solutions based on embedded Linux, C++ and HTML5. He is also a lecturer for C++ Qt at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg and supervises student projects and diploma thesis.


An architecture for multi-display setups in cabins with mobile remote access

Machines in the agricultural or industrial sectors are equipped with increasing numbers of cameras and sensors. They ensure that the complex machine can be supervised by a human operator in the cabin or controlled outside the cabin with a mobile device. In the talk, we present an architecture consisting of software and hardware middleware that can be the basis for such a solution. In particular, we will focus on messaging middleware that allows the integration of video streaming and CAN data across the vehicle in a multi-display cabin with mobile extensions.