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Sebastian Lorenz

Sebastian is a research associate at the Professorship for Industrial Design Engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden. The focus of his scientific and applied research work is the understanding, systematic description and development of operating concepts for complex and highly technical applications, primarily in the field of mobile machinery. As part of the Cab Concept Cluster, the chair was in charge of the operating concepts for the genius cab in 2016 and the smart cab in 2017. In 2018/2019 they developed and evaluated the INTUSI-Operating Concept for Excavators together with Liebherr Hydraulikbagger AG.


Extended reality in mobile machinery for construction, material handling and slope preparation

Mixed reality approaches are a hot topic in the latest discussion on next-generation user interfaces, as these offer the potential to increase immersion and a better blending of physical work environments and digital data spaces. Despite a vast body of research and evidence in human-computer interaction, there are still many problems and uncertainties about implementing mixed reality devices and functionality in mobile machines. In the EU-funded project TheiaXR we investigate different XR setups and how they can contribute to safer and more efficient work on construction sites, harbors, and ski slopes. The conceptualization of XR setups is based on a highly systematic analytic process that regards information requirements, task structures, involved cognitive processing, technical capabilities, and limitations of different XR technologies. We test several combinations of reality-enhancing information presentation techniques through highly iterative prototyping and the operators' interaction with them.