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Eric Pohlmann

2018 - today: CEO, Nerospec SK: Making Miners safer and more prodctive with fleetwide, end-to-end automation solutions. COO, GHH Group: Leading Engineering and Supply Chain. 2013 - 2018: VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Sandvik Mining 2007 - 2012 Senior Manager, PwC's PRTM Management Consultants 2004 - 2007 1st CEO, Smart Factory at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Education: - IMD: High Performance Leadership, Lausanne, Switzerland - PhD Thesis: ‘Process oriented planning of service-oriented production systems’ - Babcock Graduate School of Management: MBA, Wake Forest University


Autonomous loader for underground mining applications

Nerospec SK is making miners safer and more productive with fleetwide, end-to-end machine automation solutions such as full automation, fleet data monitoring, and underground network solutions. The latest autonomy solution advancement has led to a fully autonomous loader that works completely unattended by humans right after the blasting has taken place. The loader navigates to its underground working location, develops a muck pile attack strategy, executes the strategy with correction capabilities to effectively load the bucket until properly filled, and then the loader navigates to dumping into the crusher. Finally, more than 20% overall equipment effectiveness enhancement can be achieved.