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Pascal Kiwitz

Pascal has a PhD in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich in Switzerland where he developed a new control strategy for the exhaust gas aftertreatment of Diesel engines. When integrating these findings into a real product at a big equipment manufacturer, he became familiar with the controls of hydraulic pumps. This led to a position at Bucher Hydraulics, where he worked on the electrification of mobile working machines. Today, Pascal leads Bucher’s innovation department.


Energy and power distribution of future mobile working machines

Manufacturers of mobile machinery are responding to the demand for a reduction in CO2 emissions by (partially) electrifying their equipment. This opens up new possibilities for transferring energy and combining different drive technologies in one system. For example, in a hybrid system with energy storage units, the smaller diesel engine can run at the optimum operating point decoupled from the work functions. In addition, hydraulic consumers with recuperation potential like booms become additional energy sources. But hydraulics as an energy distribution system is by no means obsolete either and should be designed as a power-on-demand solution.