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Next generation HMI & computing solutions

CrossControl and Maximatecc will showcase its next generation HMI & computing solutions. On show will be a preview of its CrossCore machine computer, a powerful computing platform for hosting HMI, Vision, Process control and Business logics software systems. With a very powerful GPU, this central computing unit can drive multiple Full HD monitors through a single cable interface for power, video signal and touch commands. In addition, visitors can get a hands on look at the new CCpilot X1200 integrated display computer, showcasing how advanced object detection functionality can be attained by adding dedicated accelerator boards.
Additionally, the booth will also feature the latest generation multi-functional display computers based on ARM microprocessors, including the CCpilot V510 and V710 with programmable, tactile, softkeys, and a demonstration of how boot time can be optimized down to 3 seconds to support various use cases including mobilization-critical functionality.

Furthermore, CrossControl are showcasing its robust instrumentation displays, from 1.3” to 4.3”, for vehicle and equipment monitoring based on a lean ARM microcontroller platform. The maxAI family features multiple toolchains from easy-to-use configurator tools to freely programmable software development kits, supporting alternative software development strategies for OEMS and system suppliers. With general I/O and CAN channel support the maxAI 130, 280 and 430 can share multiple screens of information, with intuitive navigation, including diagnostic codes and machine status.

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Booth: 4018

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