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Venting technology for reliable electrification
W. L. Gore & Associates

Electronic components in modern autonomous and automated systems are increasingly deployed in harsh environments. Reliable venting solutions are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of these systems, including batteries, control units, visual and camera systems, and sensors. Gore tackles the challenge of protecting these components from condensation, contamination and corrosion, which can lead to system failure.

High-tech vents also offer reliable protection against harmful ingress, safeguarding the integrity of electric components even under harsh operating conditions.

Beyond durability, venting technology from Gore can contribute to cost savings and extended component lifetime, ultimately minimizing warranty claims and enabling weight reduction.
The company will showcase its various testing methods at the expo, from accelerated and real-world scenarios to specific condensation management techniques. It will also delve into how venting technology can overcome these environmental challenges, paving the way for innovation in industrial vehicles.

Gore will explain how innovative quality vents, engineered to withstand severe temperature and pressure fluctuations, ensure long-lasting functionality in a broad range of customer applications.

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