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Wandfluh presents flexible, modular systems for mobile applications

With the cleverly designed Compact Mobile Valves (Aluminum) valve range, Wandfluh provides manufacturers of mobile machinery with enhanced functionality and weight optimization.

Despite the rise of electrification, hydraulic systems remain vital for reliability, flexibility and precision in tough conditions. Wandfluh focuses on power density, reliability, weight optimization, energy efficiency and functional safety.

The CMV(A) valves offer tailored solutions for specific applications, such as controlled lifting and lowering in high mast trucks or precise speed control in fertilizer spreaders. These valves ensure smooth operation and stable performance across various operating conditions.

Furthermore, the CMV(A) valves are easily adaptable to different pump systems, ensuring consistent volume flow regardless of the tractor's configuration. They also facilitate efficient control and positioning of working tools, enhancing productivity in tasks such as fork tilting and pushing.

Wandfluh emphasizes seamless interaction between hydraulics and electronics, offering comprehensive system solutions tailored to customer needs. With expertise in both hardware and software development, Wandfluh ensures competitive and innovative machines with quick availability.

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