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Customizable, high-performance armrest

The AX400 armrest is U-Control’s HMI console designed to centralize multiple vehicle functions, making the operator’s tasks easier to perform and maximizing productivity, response times and safety.

Every armrest is custom built for the mobile machine and the specific application it serves.

This versatility ensures maximum control over vehicle performance and the desired position for levers, controls and displays.

The complete customization of the AX400 sets new standards in terms of design, ergonomics and efficiency. Its ergonomic and compact design enables the best user experience, and the rugged build ensures a long lifetime. The plug-and-play unit is easy to install.

Companies can choose the display solution that best serves their operators’ needs and their vehicle efficiency from a size range of a minimum of 3.5in to a maximum of 12in.

AX400 mounts the display of choice on either the right or left side, serving the unique configuration of each vehicle.

To emphasize a company’s visual identity, the upper part of the armrest and the command plate can be customized with brand colors and graphics and personalized silk screen printing.

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