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Modular onboard energy solutions
Eco Power

Eco Power’s modular onboard energy solutions can be installed seamlessly in clients’ integrated battery systems. Modularity minimizes the effort involved in purchasing variation, inventory control and servicing.

Eco Power also offers a one-stop lithium-ion battery pack solution with advanced testing and manufacturing capabilities. The standardized lithium-ion battery packs in different housing shapes and worldwide approvals feature a variety of redundant safety features and a communication interface for users’ applications. They offer efficient integration technology, including an integrated lower case lid base with liquid cooling plate; integrated electrical component mounting plate; and an FPCB collective module.

The solutions are compatible with liquid cooling, fire protection and explosion-proof systems, and various BMS systems brands, with a wide power distribution range to meet ladder power demand.

The friction splice-welded lower case lid is made of extruded aluminum material and the one-piece stamped upper case lid is made of composite material. Plastic and steel binding tape is used for module assembly.

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