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New true-ground speed and distance sensors

MSO Speed Sensors provide for accurate, plug-and-play, contactless true-ground speed measurement regardless of slip and slide; effective tire, wheel and track circumference; and sinking in of the tire.

The MSO speed sensor product family consists of the Speed Wedge, a rugged Doppler radar for harsh off-highway environments; AccoSat, a sensor fusion of GPS and an accelerometer; and OptoSpeed, an industrial optical sensor for accurate high-resolution measurement of low speed for indoor applications.

MSO’s close-up contactless distance sensors feature new pulse radar and time of flight (ToF) working principles with high sampling rate.

The MSO distance sensor product family consists of the RaDist P60, a configurable close-up range, high sampling rate and high-resolution radar distance sensor which is resistant against dust, mist and soiling, and the OptoDist, a close-up range ToF laser distance sensor with a high sampling rate.

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