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ECUs for the next generation of off-highway machinery

The TTC 2000 series from TTControl consists of complete sets of compatible ECU families. Although they all have different sizes and processing power, they all use the same modular building blocks, making them easily compatible and ensuring that the right amount of processing power is available for each mobile machine application. If changes are necessary, one ECU can be replaced or extended by another with only minor adaptations. Not only does this significantly reduce the time-to-market and maintenance but it also enables vehicle manufacturers to futureproof their machines.

Furthermore, the TÜV-certified MATCH software suite was designed to revolutionize the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery. It enables users to swiftly develop and realize new applications for complex vehicle or machine controls.

TTControl also aids in the transition to software-defined machinery with its new product, Fusion. This new computing unit is equipped with an AI accelerator that enables edge AI applications. These applications include driver monitoring, curve detection for municipal vehicles, precise spraying of herbicide or fertilizer for agricultural purposes, and more.

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